Object number : BATVG : M : 1983.598

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Design and creation :

Date : Creator role : Sculptor
Artist :

Measurements :
Height (cm) : 73
Width (cm) : 55 (depth 47 cm)

Further information :
Edwin Whitney-Smith (1880 - 1952) was born in Bath and grew up in the Lyncombe Hill area. He studied at Bath and Bristol Schools of Art. He trained under William Harbutt, a local art teacher and the inventor of Plasticine.

Whitney-Smith spent most of his working life in London, and exhibited at the Royal Academy and Paris Salon. He specialised in portrait sculptures in bronze and marble.

This sculpture was originally modelled in Plasticine, before being cast in bronze.

William Harbutt (1844 - 1921) was born in Newcastle and came to Bath in 1874, to work as headmaster at Bath School of Art. Around 1897, Harbutt invented the modelling material Plasticine. Initially, Harbutt regarded Plasticine as a teaching aid rather than a commercial product. He invented it specifically for his students to use, as the clay then used for modelling was heavy and difficult to mould. The Harbutt Plasticine business, based at Bathampton from 1900, was very successful.

The sculpture was bequeathed to the Victoria Art Gallery by Elizabeth Cambridge Harbutt, William Harbutt's wife. It was transferred to the Gallery after her death in 1930.

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Location status : On display